As each event’s registration opens it will be added here. Driver’s need to register in the “Formula Atlantic” group, and note that the car is a “US F4”

Formula Pro USA cars run under the same technical regulations as the F4 US Championship. Current available technical regulations can be viewed here: 

A majority of Formula Pro USA races are sanctioned by the SCCA, and so all rules and registrations are based on running the F4-16 inside of the Formula Atlantic (FA) group. Latest SCCA rules can be found at this link: 

The series has the right to add “Supplemental Rules.” Supplemental Rules may take precedence over other regulations to facilitate special needs that an event may have. These special needs may be planned in advance, or result from a direct need at the event.

AGE RESTRICTIONS / LICENSING: 14 year olds are the youngest drivers allowed in the series. SCCA licensing info is available here:

CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: Points are awarded in the series based on the finishing order of each race, counting only the Series Competitors starting each event. Series competitors need only take the green flag to earn series points. They are not required to finish the race (as done by SCCA). The Top Twenty drivers are credited points for each race as follows:

1st 29 7th 17 13th 11 19th 5
2nd 25 8th 16 14th 10 20th 4
3rd 22 9th 15 15th 9
4th 20 10th 14 16th 8
5th 19 11th 13 17th 7
6th 18 12th 12 18th 6

The following graphic outlines the locations for all logo identification that each team and its drivers are required to follow during the 2018 Formula Pro USA season. SCCA decals and patches are available directly from your SCCA region, and other series decals are available from Exclusive Motorworks Inc. 

Note: Blue outlined area is for future title sponsor.

Looking to embroider, or make your own decals?
You can download EPS and other high quality logos here >>

Formula Pro USA Official Logo